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4 thoughts on “Le coin des entrepreneurs forum

  1. Babli Singh says:

     @Yasmine AMIR  you can’t bring Sabrina into this though because the song was never confirmed to be about Joshua and Sabrina there may be proof but she never confirmed it was about him

  2. deep singh says:

    Merci pour ce que tu fais. Tu me simplifies les recherches !! En plus j'ai bien rigolГ© Г  la fin рџ¤Ј le marteau de Thor a Г©tГ© efficace !!

  3. Rakesh Rakesh says:

    В @W.R. WilemanВ  I agree the music has been shit for the last 2 decades.

  4. Sheikh Hilal says:

    you can reach her through Telegrm page @investwithofficialrosie


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