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4 thoughts on “Laundry coin box

  1. Alexander Callan says:

    No withdrawal fees for bank. Please see this as reference:

  2. Ana visa says:

    Again, maybe there's an answer to this stuff. I'd love to see it . What is the "I give you this, I get that" transaction? I you're telling me somebody paid 50K for a Gif that I can go look at online, I'm not impressed.


    China is cracking down on bitcoin miners in their country and have 0 faith it will succeed, in a few years they will be less than half the miners on the planet, their energy consumptions are WAY to high and actually causing MAJOR issues for them...keep doing your own home work and u will see

  4. Sonia Baswal says:

    Great content! What is your opinion on Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) ?


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