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5 thoughts on “Kmd coin

  1. rakesh phulare says:

    Thank you very much for your demonstration, It was great help for me.

  2. Adarsh Singh says:

    That moment when you bought eth at the bottom and then sold shortly after 😩

  3. Dr Jyoti says:

    Mera coinbase account dermyan me atak gya mjhe smjh nai a raha koi smjha skta hai...

  4. manoj sood says:

    Out perform bitcoin?? No. However, take this gem I'd like to give you all. Both ADA (Cardano) and TRX (Tron) have an inverse relationship to BTC and will immediately launch soon after BTCs 5th wave between $32-40K.

  5. Himansu Samal says:

    densch123 yea i noticed alot of these youtube fuckers like to just talk and talk to waste your time and get you excited for the next video we need more legit people who actually give a fuck about helping others


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