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Jahangir copper coins

jahangir copper coins

In the first year of his reign, he issued gold coins with the por trait of his father, Akbar and his name "Nurud-din Jehangir Shah Akbar Shah." He made changes in. Mughals. Auction Date: Copper. Akbar, Provincial copper coin (1/2 Dhinglo?), from Jahangir, Silver Zodiac Rupee, Ahmedabad Mint. Akbar ( AD), Silver Coins (2), Lahore Mint, Rupee, Tir 45 and ½ Rupee Jahangir (), Copper Double Dam (Tanka), anonymous.

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Mughal Coin - Worth 1.55 Crore - Mintage World's Hidden Treasures (In Hindi) S her Afghan, in A. During A. These coins bear the mint's name—Surat. He was succeeded by Salim, who on his accession to throne, assumed the title of Jehangir conquerer of the world. All his Four sons contested jahangir copper coins right to the throne. Commemorative Coins After a long reign of 50 years, Akbar died in A. Nurjahan established her authority during AD, and issued coins with the emperor's name jahangir copper coins one side and her name on the other side.

Jahangir copper coins -

All his Four sons contested their right to the throne. He issued two types of gold coins with his portrait viz. Coins issued at Ahmedabad and Kabul mints before his formal coronation are known as "Salimi" coins. Jehangir, though a man of letters and with aesthetic taste did not gain popularity but was known for his sense of justice. Jehangir was not in a state to rule and left the administration to Nur Jahan. During A. Commemorative Coins After a long reign of 50 years, Akbar died in A. jahangir copper coins

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