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Is 10 rupee coin valid

is 10 rupee coin valid

Vijayawada: Despite repeated clarification by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that Rs 10 coins are valid tender, confusion over its legality. “To count and accept that, I will have to put someone at it for a day. Also, it is against the circular issued by RBI. So, it is not true that we do not. So far the Reserve Bank has issued ₹ 10 coins in 14 designs and the public has been informed of their distinctive features through Press. is 10 rupee coin valid

Is 10 rupee coin valid -

But you may surprise that now there are few news items about circulations of fake 10 rupee coins also. How to identify the same easily? He said he knew it was legal tender. Approach the bank with the coins instead of verifying with someone or spreading rumors. As coins remain in circulation for longer periods, it is quite possible that coins of different designs and even shapes are circulating at the same time. If someone refuses to accept, this can be booked under Sec. One thing you must remember that the cost of creating fake currency coin high compared to creating the currency notes.

: Is 10 rupee coin valid

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Vijay Devarakonda Giving Clarity On 10 Rupees Coin Issue - Filmy Monk Sources said that since, the monetary value of the coin is just Rs 10, people do not go want to go through the hassle of filing a complaint with the revenue department, which, in turn, can take action. These few news reports India Today or Indian Express of fake 10 rupee coins circulation will confirm the same. Courtesy: Daily Bhaskar Look is 10 rupee coin valid the above image. All 14 types of the Rs 10 coin issued so far are legal, the RBI has confirmed. Reporter: Why not? Metrolife did a reality check on Friday, visiting government-run and private organisations to check how widely the is 10 rupee coin valid was accepted. Recently, they have put up a notice saying coins of all denominations are valid.

Is 10 rupee coin valid -

She asked the cashier if about Rs 10 coins. Approach the bank with the coins instead of verifying with someone or spreading rumors. Never ever allow space for baseless rumors. If not, it will be replaced. An instance of this is the Rs.

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