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5 thoughts on “Hoya coin

  1. HeySup says:

    В @RaccoonovВ  ...its your opinion...i have binance too... i like the cro metal cards and i am just a Crypto is perfect for me...wish you all the best man!!!

  2. Mani Bhushan says:

    What a incredible anda beautiful comment and quote.. I agree so much with youрџЌ‚рџЌѓ

  3. Karthick Vijay says:

    Altcoin Daily just being cynical I guess. After hearing that there’s a bigger chance it will go further down, the more times it’s tested at a specific low level (which has been $6000 for btc) I’m just being cautious. I’m not selling though f that. I’ll just buy more when it goes cheaper. Or sell if it reaches above 20k again.

  4. Simran Kalyan says:

    kimmer6 big lucky shuda kept the coke machine


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