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Hotel coin operated radio

hotel coin operated radio

RADIO COIN OPERATED TUBE RADIO WATER SLIDE DECAL LIGHT BLUE1 TRADIO HOTEL, 1) Buy and wait until I send you the correct invoice, Check the. Tradio The Hotel Coin Operated Radio Tube Radio [email protected]@K!! | Collectibles, Radio, Phonograph, TV, Phone, Radios | eBay! This is an antique Coradio coin operated hotel tube radio. I do not know if the coin mechanism works properly- it looks intact. The radio plays without putting in a. hotel coin operated radio

Hotel coin operated radio -

Testing and Alignment Once the radio chassis was reassembled and the tubes and tube shield installed, power was brought up slowly using a variac and isolation transformer. So Brame Mfg. The staple as well as the flattened end of the driven shaft were cleaned and tinned. Many years of use and metal fatigue had taken its toll. I have no clue what type of connection was originally used. The tuning knob shaft was slotted. Where the shaft passes through the top plate a phonolic insulator prevents contact.

: Hotel coin operated radio

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Hotel coin operated radio Why cryptocurrency is rising today
Foxwoods online free coin promo code I have no hotel coin operated radio what type of connection was originally used. No schematic has been found for any Karola radio. There is one more odd thing about this radio. The coin box apparently never had a lock. I decided to attempt to maintain the original above and below chassis appearance yet get it working. Wiring The original line cord and plug were safe to use and were retained.

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Route 66 Best Motel Features - We Had A Massage Fingers Bed It turned out to be an All American 6. This example had been serviced at least once in the past, but was almost completely original. I use these photos to ensure that replacement parts and wiring are placed hotel coin operated radio close as possible to their original positions. There is one more odd thing about this radio. Hotel coin operated radio first though it must have been originally soldered to the chassis, since there were remnants of a lead near the base of the coil. No doubt it was quite expensive for its day and probably very few were sold to private owners. What was so intriguing about it was one of the knobs.

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