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Hispaniarum rex 1701 coin

hispaniarum rex 1701 coin

Just dug it up and not sure what I got here. Weight is about 22 grams. Gold coin. Non magnetic. irregular round. about 1 3/8" diameter. about 5/64" thick. Milled Gold Coins. redesign: to make the legends PHILIPPUS IIII D.G. HISPANIARUM REX legible. issue of with clear CA to the right of the. V OF BOURBON 8 Escudos Séville fwo_ World coins. Reverse legend: (ROSE) HISPANIARUM (ROSE) REX (ROSE) hispaniarum rex 1701 coin Some of it is perfectly ductile and easily worked, while a portion is brittle and requires to hispaniarum rex 1701 coin toughened. In the fifth division we find the most marked change of style; the obverse having the figures and symbols in relief, while on the reverse they are all in concave, and are often facsimiles of those hispaniarum rex 1701 coin the obverse In respect to the date of Roman coins, it is to be noticed, generally, that although the art of coining probably originated in Greece, or Asia Minor, as some contend, about the time of the foundation of the Roman colony, it appears not to have reached that obscure and rude people until the reign of Servius Tullius, near the close hispaniarum rex 1701 coin the second century of Rome. There is no legend. These copies or counterfeits are designated by cb, in the description. Senatus Consulto.

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