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4 thoughts on “Heirloom coins

  1. Bhavana Hiremath says:

    Very useful and detailed information about bitcoin faucets. Worth to watch till the end..Thanks for the video..

  2. Dinesh sejuwal says:

    Really, try to explain what we have to do. All u did was...i dont even know what u did. Just let us understand what to do. And all the links r with ur site and ur video. I ve just wasted my time with u. Yeah yeah i know. U r sry coz i feel like this and it is what it is. For crypto sake, make ur video easier for some of us. Consider me dumb if u want, i dont care. Anyway i will cancel my sub to ur channel

  3. SLIM SHADY says:

    You don't need to stress yourself, you can just make research on your own or you can even brows it


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