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Ffxv oracle ascension coins

ffxv oracle ascension coins

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Ffxv oracle ascension coins -

ffxv oracle ascension coins

4 thoughts on “Ffxv oracle ascension coins

  1. Chettur Sankaran says:

    В @Invin ciblesВ  What's the matter? Tired of trolling? I was hoping for at least another 10 comments. Come on!!

  2. Sanjeet Mehta says:

    В @Galapagos SmoothВ  I have allready staked AAVE, COMP, LINK, UNI, REEF, FTM, ATOM, 1INCH... But, it's peanuts compared to mentioned airdrop. In most of the pools my position is 0.05% - 0.02%, or APY 10-12% on Binance for staking 30-60 days which is not much at the end and I don't have the control to buy something better if opportunity appears.

  3. Simran Kalra says:

    massive dump on both coins now, wait a little bit to invest


    If you want to make money buy THETA. Vechain, chiliz, harmony and binance coins are good too.


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