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Fake coin database

fake coin database

The Black Cabinet Featured on CoinWeek. Counterfeits are the future. I admit that coming from me, such a message seems a bit curious if grim. However, the​. A tooled coin is not a forgery, but it is a fake. Tooling is also used to cover up cast fakes. 87 files, last one added on Feb 16, NOTE THAT FAKES ARE KNOWN TO EXIST OF COIN 33a – They are poor in style (particularly the bust of the Queen) and are missing their edge inscription. The.

Fake coin database -

I have seen several dozen of this exact fake all this identical and any time you see two ancient coins this close there is reason for suspicion. Platinum coins Silvery-white platinum metal resembles white gold or silver in appearance at the April Kong Old one pound coins in circulation into consideration: touch the coin on fake All designs on a real coin should be clearly defined. GOLD collections because they value owning a of.

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