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East india company one rupee coin 1616

east india company one rupee coin 1616

Detailed information about the coin 1 Rupee, East India Company (Sai Baba), India, Obverse. Lettering: EAST INDIA COMPANY ONE RUPEE INDIA i have around 10 coins of the following: 1. east india company - half anna​two cobras on the obv india company - half annashiva & parvati 6. east india rupee india victoria empress - silver. Akhilendra Antique Coin - Offering Copper East India Company Coin in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. George Vi King Emperor One Rupee Coin.

East india company one rupee coin 1616 -

And in rare worst case it could take days due to customs. As with all other Victoria coinage, the title on the obverse was changed from 'Victoria Queen' to 'Victoria Empress' in As the Surat mint was unable to meet the required production rate, silver was also sent to the Ahmadabad mint in Since one of the coins has Lord Ram on one side the war cry is more fierce Even Britishers gave respect to Hindu sentiments. This particular coin was minted at Kolkata mint. Each of the three presidencies under East India Company governance issued their own coins until a unified coinage throughout all territories was introduced in The territories governed by the East India Company were divided into three major administrative regions: Madras Presidency in the south, Bombay Presidency in the west, and Bengal Presidency in the east. Please see east india company one rupee coin 1616 yourself,these coins were issued by the British East India Company. They have written it as Aana. East India Company[ edit ] East India Company quarter anna, part of the unified coinage introduced that year. east india company one rupee coin 1616

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