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5 thoughts on “E coins list

  1. komal dahiya says:

    I think BTC breaks down further. The recovery has been too slow after the recent breakdowns.

  2. Sushant Jha says:

    Amazing Sir Aapne Bilkul Sahi Kha India Ka Education System Bahut Jyada Bakwas Hai Or Hame School Me Wahi Cheej Ratwai Jati Hai Jiska Real Life Me Koi Use Hi Nhi Hai Only Ratta Maro Or Paper Me Jake Likh Do Bs Me Bhi 1 Science Ka Student Hu Maine 1 Cheej Realise Kari Ki Hame Useful Cheeje Nhi Batai Jaati Suppose Agr Mujhe In future Computer Ke Field Me Jana Hai To PCM Compulsory Hai But Agr Me PCM Leta Hu To Kya Fyda Usme To Computer Se Related Koi Concepts Hi Nhi Hai India Ka Education Students Ki Life Barbad Kr Rha Hai

  3. pankaj raj says:

    So according to you people get scammed because they don't understand how bitcoin operates? Search on internet the number of btc scam sites-countless! (With no proper regulation, people are already forced and left with no option but refraim btc usage and alcoins). Yes some people got scammed on stock markerts, question is, should btc be worse than stock markets? Bitcoin can't last for long if it's operations are in the dark, it must be publicized, be transparently accepted by every nation for it to be dependent upon as a generational currency. Mention just one thing that has successfully funtioned under the sun without the governmnets awareness or approval, just one!!


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