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4 thoughts on “Design your own roman coin

  1. stephen vincent says:

    В @SkoahВ  There are two problems with stable coins. The first problem is the rather high fees of running them on Eth 1. It's hard to buy a cup of coffee when it could cost between $4 and $14 in fees, in fact, I would never do it. The second problem is, Swapping to a stable coin is the same as spending bitcoin directly. You could still be looking back 4 years from now and thinking if only I hadn't spent $17 in stable coins and fees to buy that cup of coffee, I could have had $1421 worth of Bitcoin. Any money you spend today, even fiat, could have been turned into bitcoin, and hodled. I've only been in the space a few years, and I already regret not turning all my savings into bitcoin last year :(


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