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Ddr error coin

ddr error coin

This coin is coin is a huge on obverse doubling on'IN GOD WE TRUST'​. Seen also on liberty,date and mint. On reverse to the west. Find D AU DDO DDR Lincoln Shield Cent Penny Error Coin and more at Double dies[edit]. Double die coins are mainly created by a defective hub which is used to create many dies for the minting process. Collectors classify double dies. ddr error coin Coin dies that are not appropriately made result in doubled die coins. If we feel an upgrade is argumentative, we will say nothing and you'll just get a high end coin that might grade higher if you resubmit it to the same or different grading service. Gouges in coins caused by flaws in dies, and die polishing mistakes resulting in coins minted with surface indentations, or polishing lines. Initials were sometime cut into coins. Prices will often reflect this difference. Doubled Die Designations Coin collectors and numismatists will examine ddr error coin coin indicating ddr error coin the doubling on the obverse or the reverse.

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