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5 thoughts on “Danish coins holes

  1. arun tutorials says:

    It's time to update to coinbase pro boss lol

  2. mahesh nakhale says:

    With Stablecoin interest (usdt, cusd, DAI, etc) the risk is low as you're essentially hoping fiat, but interest rates are 10-18%. Personally I invest in 'riskier' assets. I believe greater than 18% p/a off the growth of BTC(+6% interest), or upcoming coins like DOT, ADA and BNB is likely. Try a 70:30 portfolio to offset your risk :)

  3. Laxuman Singh says:

    Depends on the type of coin your mining as well. I'm mining Vertcoin and Ethereum.

  4. mritunjay kumar says:

    Intelligent advice. ETH 2.0 when it changes to proof of stake will improve ETH in so many ways. Even at 450 dollars you can still get in early on this, just a little money each month. That is why this is an exciting space it is still so early. It is a water-cooler office conversation about AOL in 1995.


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