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Custom coin bezel

custom coin bezel

Shopping cart ×. Vintage Spirit - Custom Jewellery Australia Vintage Spirit coin frames come with a sterling silver 5mm teardrop bail. AUSTRALIAN COINS - GOLD FILLED FRAMES/BEZELS | Vintage Spirit - Handcrafted Coin Creations. and silver coin bezels. Choose from pendants, rings and other coin bezel jewelry. the menu above. Custom Coin Jewelry information available upon inquiry. I contacted the first few stores that pop up when you google coin bezel, but they don't make bezels with my coin's dimensions (33mm diameter.

Custom coin bezel -

Coin jewelry was also used to decorate distinguished soldiers in ancient Egypt. I pulled these examples from various areas of my site Silver Tetradrachm of BC. Sterling Silver U. One of the Three Wise Men of the Bible? Please ask for a quote. Byzantine Empire, - AD. custom coin bezel

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  2. ANKIT DIXIT says:

    how do I exchange these coins and when will they have value?

  3. morgen alexandra says:

    "And it's worse than going through your ex-girlfriend's phone". Lmao!!!


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