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Ctrf coin

ctrf coin

Видео по теме

sell old coins and bank note in Biggest currency exhibition - सबसे बड़ी मुद्रा प्रदर्शनी में बेचो

Ctrf coin -

3 thoughts on “Ctrf coin

  1. Coding Mallus says:

    can we please give whoever produced this video some credit bc whoever did this deserves so much credit for bringing billie's idea/song to life holy shit

  2. Sasi Track says:

    RMB or fiat eY= doesn't have proper liquidity because there a completely inadequate bond market but more importantly there is no rule of law internationals can trust. China arbitrarily detains foreigners, imposes absurd commercial rules in a pinch, and actually makes it extremely difficult for large foreign companies to move their capital out of rule of law= NO TRUST for their RMB/eY when trading.


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