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4 thoughts on “Coins on ethereum

  1. Pintu Seth says:

    Kolilo vredi taj hora token , ne mogu nigde da ga nadjem

  2. Neel Beltran says:

    I use to be very pro crypto currency / bitcoin because of the possibilities. Then I started to learn things that made me question that thought and when I saw the quote at 35:55 raised my eyebrows. Here's why, the world is not round, it is "flat" and at the edges are huge ice walls. So when I see that quote its like, we're getting tricked again.

  3. Prince Abraham says:

    i watch both you every day ! for 1 year now. i feel u both like my best friends but u dont even know me !! lol .u guys ( plus Daniel from Chart Champs ) have taught me so much u can not even imagin, u have taught me so much and opened up a whole new life for me and friends of mine too . LOVE YOU GUYS !!! U ALL ROCK


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