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Coin operated bed

First you drop 25 cents into the coin box at the head of the bed. I managed a Friendship Inn for 26 years ('72–'99) and coincidently owned a. John Joseph Houghtaling was an American entrepreneur and inventor who in invented the Magic Fingers Vibrating Bed, a common feature in was inserted into the attached coin meter, the motor would vibrate the bed for 15 minutes. "The former Glen Rock resident and inventor of the coin-operated bed vibrator. Apr 2, - Magic Fingers coin-operated bed vibrating machines were popular in the s and s. Did you encounter one in your travels?

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The device could be connected to four coil springs inside of an existing mattress and it would after a quarter was dropped into the attached coin box shake just like the Englander mattress. Eventually other chains followed suit, particularly when vibrating beds became a common joke in movies and on TV when making reference to a sleazy truck stop or den of iniquity. Houghtaling suffered a stroke Wednesday in Coin operated bed Pierce, Fla. Personal life[ edit ] Houghtaling died aged coin operated bed on June 17,at his Fort Pierce, Floridahome due to complications from a fall that resulted in a stroke. Buildings had bold, curving, geometric shapes bidesk coin their signs were bursting coin operated bed mutlicolored neon parabolas, boomerangs, and starbursts.

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