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Coin laundry covington ga

coin laundry covington ga

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Coin laundry covington ga -

coin laundry covington ga

5 thoughts on “Coin laundry covington ga

  1. Sanjib Jana says:

    So I'm using this clip to highlight a common issue in this space. Yield farming/earning interest on your Bitcoin is, in one word, retarded. For So many reasons. This video illustrates one of those reasons. Others include, not your keys not your coins (mount Gox, quadriga etc). Theirs no insurance in this space, even from people claiming they have insurance (never been tested), so if they lose your Bitcoin it's gone (wasn't really yours anyways). Long term custodians are honey pots, hodling your own keys to your Bitcoin is the safest long term way to safe guard your Bitcoin wealth and ensures they are not being used to short your position in the market, or being used to issue Bitcoin iou's and create artificial Bitcoin inflation in the system (like gamestop stocks). AT LEAST HODL YOUR OWN KEYS TO HALF YOUR BITCOIN. PS ill be calling out Chamath on twitter for not owning any Bitcoin cause he lent all his out. /fin

  2. Sattu Sattu says:

    Wonderful lessons for new trader like myself. Great details and modeling


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