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Cofoundit coin

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Elrond: Next BEST Smart Contract Blockchain?? 💍

5 thoughts on “Cofoundit coin


    The no risk factor in his investment is the most amazing part about trading with him, this means he takes responsibility for bad outcomes, landing you with no chance of loosing money.

  2. kalpana chugh says:

    Thanks for this opportunity I really appreciate

  3. Arpana v says:

    This high energy usage adds fundamental value to bitcoin. (Along with its other valuable economic properties) as it is a costly asset to produce. Just as digging a raw material out of the ground is costly. If the asset were easy to produce, it would be very easy to inflate the supply, causing the value to decrease. This has been a problem historically since people use stones as a currency (where new settlers could easily produce more) to modern fiat currencies, where the government can simply print more.


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