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Cleaning old coins metal detecting

cleaning old coins metal detecting › metal-detecting › Best-Ways-to-Clean-Metal-Detecting-Fi. The Rock Tumbler. Easily the best method to clean clad and other common finds. Place your coins into a rock tumbler with a small amount of fish gravel from a. Some people have also been known to use salt and vinegar to clean their bronze and copper coins. You just place your coins into a bowl, cover. cleaning old coins metal detecting

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how to clean copper coins

Cleaning old coins metal detecting -

An example can be found here. That black stuff you see when cleaning the coin or ring…that is silver being taken off of the surface! The dime was cleaned up with just a toothbrush and it looks just fine. If you put copper pennies in with the clads they are going to turn a copper color. For this reason I suggest using mineral oil. But if you feel they could benefit from a clean to bring back some if the pattern, maybe opt for an ammonia solution of about concentration. Fully submerge the coin in a container containing the solution, stiring it gently, and wait until the solution starts to change colour after a few minutes. However - olive oil contains fatty acids than can attack a coin if left for too long. Brass is softer than copper. That being said, most of our cleaning old coins metal detecting are not rare and merely hold sentimental value. If you are using salt and vinegar in a bowl, use it in a well ventilated area. This is the safest way of cleaning, no rubbing involved and no damaging the goods.

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