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Civil war 2 cent coin

civil war 2 cent coin

Two Cent Piece 2C FULL MOTTO Details Civil War Date US Copper Coin CC $ Free shipping. or Best Offer. But we now have aluminum where we did not have it before World War II as a There was a 2 - cent piece issued about the Civil War period, and a 3 - cent. Starved for coinage of any kind, Americans readily embraced the two-cent piece when it made its first appearance in That year also witnessed the highwater.

Civil war 2 cent coin -

It was opposed by Pennsylvania's Thaddeus Stevens , who represented the mining area from which Wharton extracted his nickel. Still, millions of two-cent pieces accumulated in the hands of newspaper and transit companies, postmasters, and others who took small payments from the public, and there were complaints to Congress. He was rebutted by Iowa Congressman John A. Determining the motto size can be a little challenging, however. On March 19, Pollock wrote to Chase that they had no more nickel, nor was any available from overseas; "we are thus shut up to the home supply; from the works of Mr. Chase , proposing a bronze cent and two-cent piece, and enclosing pattern coins of the two-cent piece that he had had prepared. Chase forwarded his letter to Fessenden. civil war 2 cent coin

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