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City tele coin add money

For inmate telephone issues or to add money to an account go to: https://www.​ You may use telephones provided in each day room area from. CityTeleCoin allows users to video visit and message incarcerated friends and family members without having to leave home or mail a letter. If you have a friend​. Our inmate deposit service is a fast and secure way to deposit money into an inmate's account via credit or debit card.

City tele coin add money -

You can only accept the call once, never be afraid of pressing 1 again and again, if you are having trouble getting the system to recognize it, and you believe the tones are being generated properly. How can I purchase DirectPay? All calls placed from our facilities are recorded and may be monitored. The person may be attempting to dial your number more often, without any kind of acceptance by you that we allow. After you have made payment to your provider and we can verify, with a live representative, that you have a credit balance with your provider, of at least, the amount that is owed us, we will allow the purchase of DirectPay for future calls. Contact one of our representatives and request us to block calls to your number. If I purchase DirectPay, will the person be able to place calls to other numbers? There are several reasons you may be unable to get billed for collect calls: Your phone may have had a block placed on it by the provider for: non-payment: of your balance, fees, or other charges on your bill someone at your number called the provider and requested blocking of collect calls You may be blocked by us for city tele coin add money a preset balance. If you are using a cell phone, and are in an area with low coverage, or you are moving around a lot, walking, riding a bike, in a moving vehicle, inside a building, or in an area where there are lots of cell phones in use, sometimes these tones are dropped or unrecognizable by our system, even when they are generated. You may have your phone set for city tele coin add money dialing. There is also an Inactivity Service Fee. Contact one of our representatives and request a refund.

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