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5 thoughts on “Byzantine trachy coins

  1. KoozCous says:

    Nice video, was quite engaging right from the start to the very end, indeed it's a good time to invest in Crypto

  2. Hritul Arya says:

    В @BenВ  Thanks. Been in the space for almost 4 years and IT'S STILL SCARY every time I send cryptos to or from my wallets. Then try to explain to someone how the Miner fees work and how to use the block explorers to follow your transaction and to look at the Mempool to see what the current average fees per block are....etc. etc. And I still know only the basics!!!! Haha.

  3. Agus Wedi says:

    keep away! especially if u're from Turkey, they stole my 0,0003 btc and support says me "look at the guide"


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