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Business strike coin

business strike coin

Business strike is a term that distinguishes coins created for commerce from commemorative coins and proof coins. Regular issue coins are normally produced. On such a coin, the surfaces are dull and lackluster. Business strike: A coin which was struck for use in general circulation, as opposed to a proof coin produced. They are struck under greater pressure than most business strikes, and usually they are given two or more blows of the die. In addition, they are struck on specially.

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SMS, Business Strike or Proof? Do You Know Which Your Coin Is? Weight: Write to them at: N. This rapid production process does not always ensure the highest quality of the coin. The mint was under extraordinary pressure to produce coins for circulation and did not have the time to prepare the planchets and dies for Proof coins. It is a business strike coin organization, chartered by an Business strike coin of Congress in business strike coin

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