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Benjamin franklin coin 1963

benjamin franklin coin 1963

Franklin Half Dollars were then regularly minted until In , the coin The coin's obverse features the portrait profile of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin's. Benjamin Franklin HALF DOLLAR Brilliant Uncirculated US Mint Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Ben Franklin Half Dollar. has estimated the Ben Franklin Half Dollar value at an average of $, one in certified mint state (MS​+).

Benjamin franklin coin 1963 -

The Roosevelt dime had been designed by Sinnock, and had provoked complaints by citizens viewing Sinnock's initials "JS" on the coin as those of Joseph Stalin , placed there by some Kremlin infiltrator within the Mint. In , the coin was replaced by the Kennedy Half Dollar. Franklin Half Dollars were then regularly minted until In , Ms. John R. Bugs Bunny variety Franklin half. Some believed that these initials were actually a tribute to former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Most of these coins can be easily obtained in circulated grades for little more than their silver value. The following sections will discuss in detail the history, design and popularity of these coins and why they are sought after by collectors. With each new facility producing coinage for the U. This coin features a design of historical significance and features the profile of one of the most benjamin franklin coin 1963 Americans in history. However, there are several conditional rarities and varieties that are worth looking for. If the artist's name sounds familiar it's because his work famously appears on another popular coin that originated in the benjamin franklin coin 1963 the Roosevelt dime.

Benjamin franklin coin 1963 -

Since the U. Franklin Half Dollars were then regularly minted until Even though Sinnock's initials placed on the cutoff of Franklin's bust were expressed "JRS", the Mint still received similar complaints, to which they responded with what numismatic historian Walter Breen termed "outraged official denials". These can range in value from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars apiece. Franklin Half Dollars were produced in limited mintages in the early years, and collectors may desire to own some of the original editions.

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