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Bar copper coin

bar copper coin

Struck Counterfeit Coin of the Week: “” Bar Copper + 1-Page This is only my second article regarding counterfeit Colonial “coins”. The designer was N/A for PCGS # Visit to see edge, weight, diameter, auction records, price guide values and more for this coin. At an average weight of - grains this coin was even lighter that most Birmingham products. Thus, it is unlikely they passed for more than the standard rate.

Bar copper coin -

Most probably they were minted in Birmingham at the request of a New York merchant. Additional unattribued strikings of this die exist in nickel, brass and tin. John Bolen of Springfield, Massachusetts produced replica dies in and struck 65 examples in copper. Until the weights of these two unusual examples is ascertained, we can only speculate that they are normal strikes on misshapen blanks. Their simple, patriotic design makes them a favorite with collectors, although they are rather scarce and expensive. Various forgeries exist, ranging in quality from crude casts to excellent struck copies and electrotypes. Their weight was too low to be valued at vatican silver coins Cent, but the name has stuck through use and tradition in fact, the weight is almost identical to bar copper coin U. The Bar "Cents" first appeared in the American Colonies inwhen they joined the mix of motley coppers then in circulation. Durst: New York, bar copper coin. Breen lists two specimens that are known on larger, oval planchets and speculates that they might have been " There are also several modern souvenir copies without numismatic value.

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