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Average challenge coin size

average challenge coin size

Please first select your desired coin size below (price displayed is price per brass coin). Diameter, Thickness, , , , , Challenge coins vary greatly in size, but the most common size is about 2 inches in diameter. However, they can be made larger or smaller than this. We offer. The most common size coin today is 2” diameter. Standard challenge coin sizes are ”, ” 2”, ”, ”, ” and 3”, however, a coin can be any desired. average challenge coin size The medals would be given as gifts or awards, and people also exchanged them with friends and associates. Again, thank you! Thank you for taking the time to read about our company and challenge coins. September 26, Average challenge coin size Images There are many examples of traditions that build camaraderie in the military, but few average challenge coin size as well-respected as the practice of carrying a challenge coin—a small medallion or token that signifies a person is a member of an organization. President George W. Challenge coins were also known as "Portrait Medals" during the Renaissance, and were often used to commemorate specific events involving royalty, nobility, or other types of well-to-do individuals.

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