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Au coin grade

au coin grade

Also commonly abbreviated as EF. About Uncirculated (AU, 53, 55, 58): The coin has wear ranging from extremely light to only a trace of friction on the highest points, along with medium to nearly full luster. Grade Explanation: AU graded coins have a small trace of wear visible on the highest points. XF or EF – Extremely Fine Grade Explanation: XF grade coins (or EF). The Point Coin Grading Scale · (P-1) Poor - Barely identifiable and possibly damaged; must have a date and mintmark if used, otherwise pretty. au coin grade Weakly struck coins, or coins which exhibit an unattractive patina blotchy or aesthetically unappealing toning are excluded from GEM or FDC grading. They can be easily distinguished by their sharper design, points and fields. Small details of the design, au coin grade on the high points, may not be fully au coin grade, but must not be confused with wear. However, in reality, the term is used in grading to describe a pristine example of a proof manufactured coin. Also called XF A higher grade i. Take your time and try not to miss anything, but do not obsess about every detail as this can cause you to grade incorrectly too.

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