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Apollo 11 50th year anniversary coin › coin-and-medal-programs › commemorative-coins › ap. is the 50th Anniversary of the First Moon Landing in It has the year it was minted the word "Liberty" and "In God we Trust". There is a smaller. Forart Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin First Man On Moon Coin 38mm Dia. Gold Silver Moon Landing Coins: Kitchen​.

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Olson continued his lobbying, as did the Astronauts Memorial Foundation and Astronaut Scholarship Foundationeach designated to receive some of the surcharges on the coins. Despite the support of Aldrin and Collins, the surviving Apollo 11 astronauts, the Senate version of the bill had only 11 cosponsors, far fewer than the 67 needed for a vote. Mint, the most popular coin in the Apollo 11 program was the proof-quality silver dollar, with more thansold out of the apollo 11 50th year anniversary coin, that were authorized. After Friday, the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary coins may still be for available on the secondary market, including a silver dollar set with an Apollo 13 autographed print offered by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation and silver dollars mounted with Buzz Aldrin's autograph from the Astronauts Memorial Foundation. Mint Sculptor-Engraver Phebe Hemphillwho also engraved her side of the coin.

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