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Animals on us coins

animals on us coins

Everyone who has ever handled a United States coin knows that eagles and buffaloes appear on many coins. Quite a few state quarters feature. Throughout the coin world, dozens of animals appear on all sorts of coins. it was the first animal on a circulating American coin that was not an eagle. 50 State Quarters Program introduced more animals (and more buffalo) in

Animals on us coins -

Each coin was hand-struck with remarkable detail and this example has been graded extremely fine by NGC Ancients. Some have fun animals that are beautifully detailed in full color. The dollar, half dollar, quarter, dime, and half dime were composed of silver. The grizzly bear, the state animal of California, appears on both the California Diamond Jubilee and the Bay Bridge half dollars. Do you know the other coin and president? This particular coin was welcomed by many collectors who appreciate a good design. All eagles aside, one of the most popular American coin series to feature an animal is the Buffalo nickel. animals on us coins

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