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Ancient indo greek coins

ancient indo greek coins

Ancient Eastern coins from Graeco-Bactrian & Indo-Greek issuers. Ancient Coins - EB6) BAKTRIA, Greco-Baktrian Kingdom. Eucratides I Megas. Ancient coins of the Indo-Greek Kingdoms for sale. Copper-nickel would not be used again in coinage until the 19th century. The presence of Chinese people in the Indian subcontinent from ancient times is also​.

Ancient indo greek coins -

This is highly possible: We have proof that Bactrian kings used Sakas to contain other invaders; many of them probably became somewhat Hellenized and went south to Punjab with their Greek rulers when they abandoned Bactria to the Yuezhei. The name of the monarch and his royal titles were also mentioned in the reverse in Greek. We must not forget that in Macedonia, Antigonos Doson, being the vice-regent for Philip, appears in an inscription with the title of king, although Philip gave him no title. The portraits of early Indo Greek rulers such as Euthydemos-I, Demetrios-I wearing elephant's scalp and Antimachus wearing Kausia - a flat shaped cap and with a smily face are so realistic in appearance that the coin portrait seems to represent the ruler faithfully. These coins carried elaborate details about their issuing authority.

: Ancient indo greek coins

Ancient indo greek coins 376
Ancient indo greek coins 329
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ancient indo greek coins

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