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Ancient coins of india information

ancient coins of india information

Coinage of India began anywhere between early 1st millennium BCE to the 6th century BCE, and consisted mainly of copper and silver coins in its initial stage. The kingdoms that minted their own coins included Gandhara, Kuntala, Kuru, Panchala, Magadha, Shakya, Surasena and Surashtra etc. The earliest coins of India were silver punch-marked ones. They were struck with individual punches bearing a design and were circulated in the Janapadas. Each​. The coin was issued by the early Satakarni dynasty between about 30 AD and AD. The Satavahana Empire ruled most of central and southern India and.

: Ancient coins of india information

Ancient coins of india information Coins and their worth
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That is why we know them as punch-marked coins. Photo Source The Gupta Empire produced large numbers of gold coins depicting the Gupta kings performing various rituals. Cribb has invited Tandon to collaborate with him on a ancient coins of india information of Kushan coins for the British Museum. Hellenistic traditions characterise the silver coins of the Indo-Greeks, with Greek gods and goddesses figuring prominently, apart from the portraits of the issuers. These coins carried the motifs of fauna like elephants, lions, bulls, horses, etc. ancient coins of india information

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