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9 3 star coins

9 3 star coins

Star Coins: World · Star Coin #1 - The first Star Coin is hidden in a pipe that is at the bottom of the screen hidden by clouds. · Star Coin #2 - Where you come up​. Three Star Coins are found within each level, and thus three can be collected per Star Coin completion corresponding with one of the eight levels of World 9. It is unlocked by collecting all the Star Coins from World 3. Featuring Missile Bills and King Bills, this course uses the background from.

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Guardian Tales 9-3 Guide (Full 3 Star) - Refugee Camp Slums Walkthrough Say hello to the Bulls'-Eye Bills. Up here is a P-Switch hidden in a Brick Block. Use the ample Mario-seeking Bullet Bills as your stepping 9 3 star coins to get up here. Keep going left and drop whenever possible. Hit the Blocks you land on for an Ice Flower, then jump right to the moving platforms. Run straight across the gaps and jump the wall. After the third is 9 3 star coins pipe down low.

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