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2017 error coins

2017 error coins

2017 error coins -

: 2017 error coins

Helvetia coin 1 fr 1969 value 109
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2017 error coins 396
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2 thoughts on “2017 error coins

  1. Subhash Shah says:

    В @Bander FrankВ  If you buy an NFT. Specifically one that's a piece of art. It's only as valuable as the person who created it. Like Mona Lisa. Why is it so expensive? Because people value the artist. If the artist creates only one copy digitally of the art, on the blockchain. It is verifiably unique and if he never creates another it's the same as owning the original in the real world. If you bought this asset with your crypto wallet, yes, it'll now be in your wallet. And you can trade it or transfer it and all trades and transfers will also be all on the blockchain. So people can see the history of transactions. Anyways, I'm making a youtube video on this, which should come out tomorrow. There's a few NFT classes I consider - blockchain collectibles, art, and utility NFTs. I'll go through all this in my video


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