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2008 olympic handover 2 pound coin

2008 olympic handover 2 pound coin

of results · BEJING OLYMPIC GAMES HANDOVER £2 coin. £ · olympic handover 2 pound coin · Circulated Beijing to London. In the Royal Mint is striking a new commemorative £2 coin with a specially designed reverse celebrating the Olympic Games Handover Ceremony. The £2. › Business. 2008 olympic handover 2 pound coin The legend inscription reads:. Produced to Brilliant Uncirculated standard, each coin is presented in a beautifully illustrated folder. Specimen version, issued in Royal Mint folder. The Olympic Flag is passed from the Mayor of Beijing to the Mayor of London, followed by a short performance inviting the world to London for the Games. Different Versions Ordinary circulation version, which should be available from banks and post offices during the year.

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