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2002 coin collection

2002 coin collection

Buy a UK Executive Proof Coin Set for a great price. Ideal for coin collectors​, this set contains 9 commemorative and circulation coins issued in Each 20–coin Uncirculated Coin Set includes two of each circulating U.S. coins, bearing the Philadelphia 'P' and Denver 'D' mint mark: the. Buy Royal Mint Coin Collection in British Proof Sets & Coins (s) and get the best Royal Mint Proof Coin Collection with CoA.

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  1. Jdubya says:

    Why do people buy an asset that finally allows them to take back their financial freedom only to turn that freedom over to a third party? I can think of several reasons: 1) the notion of having a "trusted third party" is so deeply ingrained in our psyche that peer-to-peer decentralized transacting is going to take some getting used to (for me too), 2) some people are irresponsibly submissive and are perfectly willing to have others control them (subs get spanked), 3) greed causes some people to think that trading their freedom in order to boost their returns from 200% to 224% is a good trade (pigs get slaughtered), and 4) stealing your retirement is not enough for Wall Street; they need to figure out a way to separate you from your bitcoin too (nacho keys, nacho cheese).


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