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1991 one pound coin

1991 one pound coin

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: 1991 one pound coin

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1991 one pound coin Coinmarketcap app
1991 one pound coin

1991 one pound coin -

1991 one pound coin

5 thoughts on “1991 one pound coin

  1. Akshaya Sahoo says:

    No one does it better than lucidcracks on !!G He never fails mГЄ

  2. Prachi Khokhar says:

    IM IN THE VIDEO i was that guy at the end LOLLLLL

  3. annie Chishti says:

    I am looking at this myself right now (fees) because that can make a BIG difference a few years down the line. And you may even be able to say "if I would have just signed up with _______to start buying into btc/tokens, i could have stretched my money 3x further and beyond! Crypto is our future. Shitcoins are not. Make sure you understand what coins you are hodling. Crypto wasn't exactly designed so that everyone could become a day trader and chart analyst. But it has generally been designed so that we can be given the keys to our collective wealth, and to individually have a bigger influence on our economics, security, markets, tech and future overall. Let's just not get caught up in the old paradigm of getting rich quick and pulling out, of worrying if this is the next "BIG THING". I hope the average person can start to see it as the means of being involved in our own successes in a very deliberate and conscious way. It's completely different from govt inflation based currencies. Our fiat money still matters (like USD), yet it is already very clear that the way we are capable of interacting with each other and our world can be far more individualized, cohesive, secure, etc by the means of these decentralized coins and blockchains. I'm no expert by any any means. These are just my two satoshis, and I think that if the writing is not already plastered in 3d on the wall, at least the implications of where this can soon and eventually lead us globally can be sampled and tasted. Not to worry! Not to fear! A whole lot is changing in the world and with our power structures/leaders. We are entering an age of efficiency and collective prosperity, creativity, community and so forth, and we get to CHOOSE what narrative we want to belong to and what future we want to create. Instead of the narrative being dictated to us, we will now be the drivers, we will now have influence over the entire structure of how we live here together. BUT... ;) take it with a grain of salt if you'd like. It's all up to you, to each of us really. What do you want to align with? This is the question that is being asked of us each and every day.


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