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4 thoughts on “1953 canadian coin set

  1. Pankaj Shukla says:

    В @Mark AndyВ  I am new to trade but got little experience though, can you have a family trading account.

  2. Rohan Richa says:

    В @william f. daveВ  I bought mine when it was 7k. Earlier last year. Since then I've been having my BTC traded in the FX market by a company.

  3. Mary Olea Cruz says:

    + 1 ... 5... 3... 9... 3... 3... 7... 9... 6...3... 8..😂😂

  4. Bubba Smole Yay says:

    Still there is a big correction coming .. it can go to 50k and a modest 40% correction will still be fine.. typically corrections are 50% plus


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