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12 coin problem solution

12 coin problem solution

you have 12 coins. one of them is counterfeit. all the good coins weigh the same, and left tilt, respectively, then coin #11 is heavier than it should be. Solution. Weighing 12 coins, an Odd Ball puzzle by W. McWorter. had discovered a solution of the Counterfeit Coin Problem based on the finite projective plane of order. Alternative solution. Martin Gardner gave a neat solution to this problem. Search for "logic/weighing/balance.s" in the puzzles FAQ. Another alternative.

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Puzzle - A fake among 12 coins - Solve for any number of coins - Solution with logic explanation

12 coin problem solution -

Pay attention to the direction of the balance swing up means the odd coin is light, down means it is heavy. In this case you just need to weigh the remaining coin against any of the other 11 coins and this tells you whether it is heavier, lighter, or the same. How can one isolate the counterfeit coin with only two weighings? I figured it out in my mids. If equal either 7 or 8 is counterfeit so weigh them against each other and which even one goes up is the counterfeit and it is light. At some point I learned that the ratio of the the long side to the short side of a star is in the Golden Ratio. To experiment with this puzzle, you can try out the 12 coins puzzle game made with Flash which is being developed by Joseph Howard.

12 coin problem solution -

Solution[ edit ] This problem has more than one solution. In a collection of coins there are twice as many ni ckels as dimes and 7 less quarters than dimes. This version of the classic riddle involves 12 coins, but popular variations can consist of 12 marbles or balls. If the cups are equal, then the fake coin will be found among 3, 4 or 6. Our second challenge this week was the classic Twelve Coin Problem. Without a reference coin[ edit ] In a relaxed variation of this puzzle, one only needs to find the counterfeit coin without necessarily being able to tell its weight relative to the others. This is now the complete answer to the 12 coin problem. You have 12 coin problem solution balance scale and 13 coins, 1 of which are counterfeit. For example, we want to have three answers in the case when the left cup is lighter or equal to the 12 coin problem solution cup, and 2 answers when the left cup is heavier than the right cup. Therefore, we can't do the problem in two steps, although we can try to do it in three steps. There are two possibilities: 1.

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