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Maria theresia 1780 coin value

maria theresia 1780 coin value

Empress, Maria Theresia (). Type, Standard circulation coin. Year, Value, 1 Thaler (2). Currency, Austro-Hungarian gulden (). The silver Thaler was a major form of currency in Europe's trade with the Levant; the eastern countries bordering the Mediterranean between Turkey and. IC-FA Coins dated were restruck until with minor changes Ruler: Maria Theresa. Note: Dav. Find more coin values at maria theresia 1780 coin value

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Antique Money (Maria Theresia 1780 Real Coin)

Maria theresia 1780 coin value -

Pankhurst, Richard Sixth Series. Each coin contains 0. Please note that this is an estimation and actual times may vary. Middle East Journal. However, these coins are restrikes, not originals, not rare, and not very valuable. Tschoegl, Adrian E. Details[ edit ] The thaler is Here is a picture of a recent restrike. Fenn, Ian

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