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Italy 2002 2 euro coin value

italy 2002 2 euro coin value

Face Value. Years Italy, Euro Cent, , MS(63), Copper Plated Steel, KM:​ Italie, 2 Euro Droits de l'Homme (Coins>Euros (Today)>Italy). Portugal ,00 € Unikat - YouTube. Michael Ricciardi​Wertvolle münzen · 2 euro Finland € 2 Defect Price?? Брак монеты 2 евро​. Bu Set Italy Euro 8 Coins Nominal Value € 3,88 Quality: Bu Brillant Universel Quantity: Sets.

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This French 2 cent coin was the rarest European coin according to Fleur de Coin, with a mintage of just 9, Europa was a Phoenician in Greek mythologywhose name, is the origin of the continent's name, "Europe". What is the rarest coin in Europe? The mint marks are located on the bottom of the outer ring and the twelve stars are compressed onto the left side of the coin only, rather than forming a full circle. Hence the astronomical value of the coin. Italy 2002 2 euro coin value, it might be a future desirable coin for collectors, and is still worth 50x face value. italy 2002 2 euro coin value

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