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2002 1 pound coin value

2002 1 pound coin value

Norman Sillman's reverse design depicts the famous Royal Crest of England, three lions passant guardant (walking to left, facing the observer). On its obverse was. The edge inscription 'DECUS ET TUTAMEN' is Latin for 'An ornament and safeguard' and was originally used on coins so that the public could tell that the edge. Queen, Elizabeth II (date). Type, Circulating commemorative coin. Year, Value, 1 Pound (1 GBP). Currency, Pound sterling (decimalized, date​). 2002 1 pound coin value

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We believe this is the source of the confusion between the two in heraldry. Resized in You may 2002 1 pound coin value hear the three lions described as leopards. Diameter It is thought that the three lions may have come to England from Normandy but it was Richard the Lionheart - who, especially during the Crusades, used the three golden lions on their scarlet background as a powerful symbol of the English Throne. Since it has operated as Royal Mint Ltd, a company owned by HM 2002 1 pound coin value, under an exclusive contract to supply all coinage for the UK although it also produces medals and coins for other countries. The Very Highest Quality Coins

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  1. Eric CUNNINGHAM says:

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