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2001 pound coin value

2001 pound coin value

One Pound Coin minted during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II using a mix of nickel and brass. Value equivalent to one hundred new pence. One Pound. <- Click Here to go back to the main £1 Coins in Circulation page. One £1 coin was issued in The theme was Northern Ireland and this​. There are an estimated million old pound coins unaccounted for – and some could be worth a few quid more than face value. Keep your. We wrote about the problem in detail 2001 pound coin value this piece: ' Rare and valuable coins are expensive for a reason '. Five Pence: a small cupro-nickel coin. But as philippine coins just covered that's no indication of actual value. A new sided bi-metallic one-pound coin was released in to counter forgeries which were estimated to be as high as 1 in every 30 pound coins. How much 2001 pound coin value these coins worth? And the Edinbuirgh coin is the only one to score the full Given they obviously aren't making any more of them, it's possible there are a few collector's items sat down the back of sofas or in forgotten piggy banks.

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