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1982 eire 5p coin value

1982 eire 5p coin value

The bronze coins are of little value in Brown Uncirculated condition. The 50 pence is surprising difficult to find in nicer grades and even in circulated grades it appears to The 5p and 10p were introduced in and dated that year. Worth - Ireland 5 pence in the coin catalog at - International Catalog of World Period, Republic of Ireland (Éire) ( - ) Reverse, 5P. Ireland Republic Coin Price Guide Find more coin values at , 5 Pence, 24,, Shop Now! $. Year/Mint, Denom, Mintage. $. 1982 eire 5p coin value It has been estimated that 50 of those test 1982 eire 5p coin value were never returned to the bank, though today the whereabouts of less than 10 are known. These are slightly more valuable. They are exceptionally rare and valuable, though, of course, many forgeries exist. Under the decimal system, a pound came to be made up of pence rather than pence, as it had been in the pre-decimal days. The 50p was introduced in so the production were all dated

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