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1875 one penny coin value

1875 one penny coin value

UK One Penny Victoria Proof KM# ONE PENNY coin reverse. Buy Sell H Proof. 17 leaves, thin ribbons, small date. Mintage-. Value. -. Find more coin values at Go to the NGC US Shop Now! $. Small date, Penny. Shop Now! $. Year/Mint, Denom, Mintage. $. UK penny value. What is an penny worth? (large date variety) Values, images, specs for the penny coin from Britain, England, United Kingdom.

1875 one penny coin value -

Overall a nice coin with a pleasing appearance. Noticeable scratching and other blemishes are unavoidable with coins of this grade. Many factors affect value aside from grade. Fine: A Fine Indian Head spent a good amount of time in circulation. An advanced Indian head penny collection now displays a very rare coin. 1875 one penny coin value

1875 one penny coin value -

It is also true any old penny with good eye appeal is valued as a collectible. Extremely Fine: Sharply defined describes this extremely fine grade. What is a United Kingdom penny coin worth? Our site is maintained by funds from our sponsors and advertisers. As the years pass, that find will only be made increasingly difficult as the quantity of coins diminishes. All values are based on what you might expect to pay to buy a coin or note from a reputable dealer, expressed in UK pounds, and are based on the grading system identified on the particular page.

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