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1871 2 cent coin value

1871 2 cent coin value

The Two Cent Piece is a scarcer type coin as the mintage is below a million coins, which is on the lower side for its series. Extremely common in all grades. A range of 2 cent coin value is given on the chart. A step , $27, $45, $76, $ two cent coins include a variety where values change dramatically​. The 2 cent coin is worth around $40 in good condition. In very fine condition the value is around $ In extremely fine condition the value is around $ In​.

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: 1871 2 cent coin value

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1903 $20 liberty gold coin Evidence of light wear is smoothing the letters but each remain with a complete outline. He proposed that the copper-nickel cent be replaced with a bronze piece of the same size. Higher grade equals higher 2 cent coin value. Wreath is clear from the fields of the coin. With those pieces remaining unchanged, the bill passed on February 1871 2 cent coin value,putting an end to the two-cent piece series. The act which created the two-cent piece authorized the Mint Director, with 1871 2 cent coin value Secretary of the Treasury's approval, to prescribe the designs and mottoes to be used.
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1871 2 cent coin value The laurel branches, taken from Greek tradition, symbolize victory. In response, Pollock ordered the new chief engraver, William Barber Longacre had died in[46] to re-engrave the date, opening the arms of the "3" wider on most denominations. A clear difference in quality is illustrated by the appearance of a well-preserved coin. Allowing the dark 1871 2 cent coin value coin to experience humid conditions encouraged the green verdigris and corrosion to take hold. The bill was opposed 1871 2 cent coin value Mint Director Robert Pattersonas it would be difficult to refine the silver from melted-down pieces.

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Still, millions of two-cent pieces accumulated in the hands of newspaper and transit companies, postmasters, and others who took small payments from the public, and there were complaints to Congress. The piece was to be again of billon, and provision for the coin was included in early drafts of the Mint Act of , but the proposal was dropped when Peale was able to show that the coin could be easily counterfeited. Central leaves opposite 2 Cents are very flat with little definition. Lines separating the middle set of leaves helps place the coin well within the Fine grade. Edges are visible to each leaf in the clusters. First and highest in relief is WE found on the scroll above the shield. Higher grade equals higher 2 cent coin value.

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