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1776 coin value

1776 coin value

There are no absolutes, really. For instance, while the continental dollar coin was approximately worth a dollar in , its value has gone up tremendously over the years. Just recently, in July , a coin collector from France bought the continental coin at 56 Euro cents only. The anonymous buyer picked up a rare Continental dollar in June for just 56 cents but the coin has now been valued in the range of. The Continental Currency dollar coin was the first pattern coin struck for the United States. The coins were minted in and examples were made on pewter, brass, Value, 1 Continental dollar (not specified on coin). Mass, 15–19 g.

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1776 to 1976 one dollar update price USA

1776 coin value -

It had COPY on the reverse. Genuine coins are made of pewter, brass, and silver. Ditto with the many other small variations. They are easily found on the Internet. In the images below, the first is an image of a genuine coin, and the second and third images are fakes. The image immediately below shows a genuine piece from the Professional Coin Grading Service. Fundametnally, you can not tell a real from a fake based on the details of the pattern. Use these factors to 1776 coin value you determine authenticity. Very approximately, these coins are about 38 mm in diameter and weigh between to grains, or 15 to 19 grams. The main problem with the second coin is its horrible surfaces. There were mountains of copies made before the Hobby Protection Act took effect inwhich required the word COPY on reproductions. Fundametnally, you can not tell a real from a fake based on the details of 1776 coin value pattern.

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